I’ve blogged previously about my webhost setup back in march in the post titled

The pitfalls of moving hosting services, the bad then the good.

The post ended with the promise to talk about the on-boardng process at my webhost at the time.

Well since then I have changed hosts again – this time I hope for good to WebHostingBuzz.

I wanted to use this post to explain why I changed again, and also my experience with the great team at WHB.

Firstly – why did I move hosts?

I am a big fan of Neville Hobson, and noted a while ago that his website is hosted by WebHostingBuzz.  I queried him further and he mentioned that he has his site hosted on a dedicated server as part of a sponsorship deal with them.

A few weeks later Neville introduced me to Matt Russell who is their CEO.

I met Matt at the Hospital Club some months ago and learned more about his business and was impressed with what they are doing.

He also offered to sponsor LondonCalling with a dedicated server.  Initially I was reluctant to do this after having moved host recently.

He assured me however that his support team would take care of everything and move the whole site over from the VPS server to a dedicated server.

I accepted his challenge and let the team go to work.

I was pleasantly surprised that the move was not only seamless – they transferred everything across and all my settings – absolutely everything!

Switching over to the new server once I tested it was such a delight.  Their on-boarding process, even the welcome email with all the credentials was just so professional – and contained everything I needed to get started on the new server.

In fact I received the notification that the server was ready after getting off a 10 hour flight from London to San Francisco to attend the Kred Leader’s summit back in May.

It was one of the nicest emails to receive coming off a long flight, knowing that everything had been taken care of.

That was back in May, so how have I found the server after running it in anger for nearly 3 months?

I have had no downtime the whole time I’ve been running with WebHostingBuzz and in fact the site response time has improved since moving.

The chart below shows the average response time from multiple sites around the word as measured by my Pingdom account (pinged every minute 24/hours/day).

The dedicated server is FAST – I have never run the blog on such a powerful piece of kit before and it just sings!

The dedicated server CPU specs for those techies reading this are: SandyBridge Xeon E3-1230 4 x 3.2Ghz 8MB Cache.

On Sunday night, I posted a picture on my photo blog pic.lc.tl a picture of the closing ceremony setlist.

To say the blog traffic exploded would be an understatement.

My real-time Clicky analytics told me at the peak there were 70 simultaneous users on the site (a record for such a nice blog like mine) and all night during the ceremony there were record numbers as a result of this one post.

Previously, when I was on a shared host, this sort of traffic would time the server out, as the resource limits would be tripped with most webhosts to safeguard other users on a shared host.

A dedicated server does not suffer from these limits as the blog has access to 100% of the CPU and resources.

If ever an event was going to test my server, this was it and WebHostingBuzz came through with flying colours.

A dedicated server is not for everyone though.

WebHostingBuzz also offers other levels of hosting

Shared – ideal for simple blogs and family sites

Reseller – ideal or those with more than 1 site of multiple customers

VPS – Virtual Private Server – a halfway house between shared/reseller and dedicated. I had a VPS server before going to dedicated and VPS works well for busy blogs.

I’m not recommending WebHostingBuzz just because they sponsor this site, as you know I only put my reputation on the line and recommend products and services I actually use.

As I have my whole blog, personal site, URL shortening service and other sites on this server, I need it to work – and work it does!

I can’t recommend WebHostingBuzz highly enough.

They have a great team, great tech and great support!

If you’re on a tumblr, posterous or wordpress.com blog platform, you should consider a shared or reseller hosting package as the next step (you also get a domain name and can run your email off this, even map your gmail to your own domain name).