When did you join linkedin?

I am seeing many posts at the moment about people reaching the LinkedIn network “limit” of 30k connections. On one hand I can’t see how anyone could amass 30,000 totally relevant and useful connections, but think this may just be about ego and “gaming the system”.

What what is of more interest is when you actually joined LinkedIn. I am an early-adopter for most things, and I joined LinkedIn on February 27, 2004 as a result of an invitation from David Burden who was my boss at the time.

At first I wondered what this “online networking platform” was and how it could be of use to me. I uploaded my contacts from Outlook and found there were 32 of my contacts already using it.

Even back in 2004, I could see the incredible power of a business focussed networking site. So a question for a Friday:

#whendidyoujoin Linkedin Use this link to find the date you joined on your account page and tag the person who invited you.