The news about Facebook just keeps coming, and it highlights the huge gap in readiness for the introduction of GDPR in just 6 weeks.

From my own research, it seems almost no firms are ready.

Watch my 4-minute vlog below to hear what I found.

The fact that large firms such as Royal Mail and Honda are being fined huge amounts for marketing communications thinly disguised as a way to keep people-opted into databases post-GDR should ring alarm bells for any firm thinking of doing the same.
The upgrade of the privacy legislation with the GDPR is a step-change in regulation and has actually been in place for the last 2 years. It is enforceable on 25 May meaning there is no “grace period” to get it right.

Marketers need to up their game in the next 6 weeks before GDPR and the potentially huge fines come into play.

Instead of seeing GDPR as a huge headache, see it as an opportunity to innovate how you collect consumer data and think about a fair value exchange rather than a one-sided transaction.

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