How many days a week are you back in the office 2, 3, 4? I think that this discussion is actually a huge distraction, and it’s time to completely re-imagine the workplace. The nature of work is changing, and becoming distributed, so how can you and your employees adapt and build a human-centric workplace fit for the future?

As a technology futurist, I’m asked all the time, “Andrew, what’s the future of work?” and the answer is – “it depends”.

The future workplace has changed forever, in the way that we communicate, collaborate, create, and innovate.

When I look at the workplace of the future, I observe it through the lens of the “3P’s” of work: People, Place and Purpose.

First, People.

We need to decode the new hybrid work options with a focus on employee expectations & needs.

Next, Place.

“Place” refers to where the best work gets done.

As we reinvent the workplace to cater for hybrid working, how can we provide the best human-centric experience, using technology and redesigned processes?

In many ways, we need to un-learn the old ways of how we got work done and put our people at the centre of the redesign.
Consider this – does your office environment “earn the commute” and provide a compelling reason to leave the comfort of the home office? 
What will make your office a destination – somewhere we are drawn to and want to visit again?

We have to think about designing and optimising our new workplace that isn’t just about meeting rooms, it’s about meeting spaces.

The final P and the most important is Purpose.

Why do we go to work, what drives us, and how can we understand the purpose of our organisation and ensure it aligns with our values?

As the Actionable Futurist, here are 5 actionable tips for reimagining work:

1. Ensure you have the right technology for those in the office and working remotely

2. Move to an asynchronous model where work doesn’t have to be done in real-time

3. Ensure your meeting spaces promote meeting equity

4. Think about how to make your office a destination that will “earn the commute”

5. Provide the best human-centric experience, using a mix of technology and redesigned processes

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