Open Banking Forum – Future Look at an open data world

  • 28 November 2019

Andrew delivered the opening keynote “Future Look at an open data world” at the headline event for the Open Banking industry in London on November 28th, 2019.

This flagship conference provided insights into the successes of open banking and examine the potential for ‘exporting’ these principles to wider sectors of the economy. The event focused on the opportunities for the UK to expand the open banking principles to the whole financial services sector and to the wider economy.

The conference also examined the challenges: the changes to business models and infrastructures required; the possible regulatory implications; the security and consumer protection aspects and what needs to be done to achieve this transition.

Open Banking – A Blueprint for the Digital Economy? brought together senior decision makers within the financial services, technology and digital communities as well as industry stakeholders, policy makers and thought leaders. The conference offered an opportunity to learn about the role of open data in the digital economy, in the context of financial services, exchange ideas, foster debate, promote enterprise and encourage cross sector collaboration.