New solution location-enables mobile advertising inventory without the need for GPS

Barcelona, 12th February 2008 – Seeker Wireless, the leader in location and zone detection technology, today announced a new innovative solution for mobile advertising that applies location to standard cellular handsets to drive adoption of mobile advertising.

The SeekerZone™ Mobile Advertising Platform provides the ability to define advertising zones around specific locations, which are used to send targeted advertisements that are location-relevant. It uses a powerful algorithm to inform a mobile ad server when a user enters and is inside a pre-defined zone, down to tens of metres without the need to regularly poll the handset.

Mobile advertising has been forecast to grow significantly for some time and location has been identified as a key element of its success. So far the application of location technology to mobile advertising has been slow due to a dependence on technology such as GPS. It has quickly been accepted that GPS does not satisfy most of the requirements for mass market mobile location and mobile advertising solutions.

Following the successful delivery of SeekerZone™ to deliver Fixed Mobile Substitution solutions for operators such as Vodafone, Seeker Wireless has extended its patent pending zone detection technology to provide a carrier-grade location platform for mobile advertising. The technology is an accurate, reliable and cost-effective solution to apply location to existing GSM and UMTS handsets, without using GPS or any special facilities in the cellular network.

Seeker Wireless’s flexible platform can be used by mobile operators to location-enable existing advertising inventory, and by mobile portals wanting to deliver location aware content to the widest possible audience. The platform provides a low cost alternative to existing network-based or GPS approaches.

Dr Chris Drane, CEO of Seeker Wireless commented: “There is huge potential for mobile advertising and the application of location is vital to its realisation. Innovative location technology, such as the SeekerZone™ Mobile Advertising Platform, provides the relevance that is necessary to drive mobile advertising, without the need for GPS. We are actively working with key players in the mobile advertising ecosystem including mobile operators, agencies, portals and third parties to location-enable mobile advertising inventory accurately, reliably and effectively.”

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