I have been reading a ton of reviews and views on the new iPhone and so have resisted blogging about it, save my views just become caught up in the iPhone noise.

Travelling home tonight on the tube, I picked up a copy of London Lite, one of London’s two free evening newspapers.

On one of the “feedback” pages was a breakout box (see above) that provided some vox pox feedback on the new iPhone.  I have copied a few of the comments below verbatim as they show a very wide range of opinions on the iPhone – and how normobs (normal mobile phone users) perceive this latest release from Apple.

“I won’t be buying it. Why do I need to carry the internet around with me all day and pay for the privilege? I’ll stick to the normal mobiles” – Steve, London

“YES, I desperately want to get one. I am into my gadgets and can’t wait to add the iPhone to my collection. I’ll just wait until the price of the phone falls a bit lower. ” – Danni, Hammersmith

“The iPhone is a niche product and probably won’t appeal to everyone.  I’ll get it on that basis alone. It wil be an exclusive product where hopefully you will only see a very few people at a time using one.” – Jamie, Vauxhall

Interesting comments.  For me, if the price is around £100 and I can get it without a contract – on Pre-Pay for example then I’ll grab one as my new test phone.

Comments – normobs or experts??