Over at Stephen Waddington’s excellent Wadd’s tech pr blog (currently number 25 on the top 50 UK advertising blogs chart) there is a very good discussion on the different “types” found on twitter.

This sits nicely with my recent discussion on twitter as a serious business tool vs waste of time.

Read the whole post on Stephen’s blog – the best bits are below.

Which one are you?

Twitter Googlers
Characteristics: Uses Twitter like a brainstorm. If they need any information go first to Twitter. Sees the collective mindset of Twitter as a fountain of knowledge. It’s not what it’s about.
Typical quote: What’s Nick Booth’s email address? Anyone?

Overly-eager boss
Characteristics: Generally US-based, with a sexual preference for social media news releases, this species is all about the new wave.
Typical quote: We’re redefining the industry guys. Hang on for the ride.

Social media Massif!
Characteristics: The small crew of PRs that have inhabited the social media space for the last few years. Generally young and pretty and couldn’t scare away a cat.
Typical quote: Hey guys who’s going to the ChitChat social media dinner tonight?

Random Scarborough
Characteristics: Usually northern, occasional poster who has delved in to the world of social media but is still to be convinced.
Typical quote: I’m having m’tea sat in front of t’telly. On train to London

Lewd Bloke
Characteristics: middle aged, usually bald. Because he’s in a senior position, he gets away with lewd behaviour on the basis that its ‘cheeky’ and ‘down to earth’. Typically three incidents a day that could result in a court case.
Typical quote: Scratching my a**. @blondie how are you?

Excited and want to get involved
Characteristics: Young and fresh. Heard about this social media malarkey at university and visits all events. Usually handsome.
Typical quote: Morning everyone!!! How are you all today!!! Hello to @tim @coca_cola_twitter_test @jangles @everyone!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if I missed you off but hello!!!!!!!!! / wow. welcome @porn_spam. 12 more followers and I’ll hit 100. Very excited.

Blog promoter
Characteristics: rarely engages in conversation, just Tweets whenever he has a new blog post. Has a beard.
Typical quote: Social media news releases death knell for traditional PR: http://www.tinyurl.com/x2yzc

I’m too good for Twitter
Characteristics: Random, preferably Latin quotes as updates – the more obscure the better. Has far right views. Hates PROs but works in PR.
Typical quote: Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam. I hate these smelly people on the train – I hope they get run over next time they visit the job centre. A wounded deer leaps highest.

Who the **** cares
Characteristics: random musings of a bored digital person who covers every aspect of his life. Probably based in Brighton. Likely to be obsessive and single but attractive.
Typical quote: Just saw a pebble, I wonder if it was happy.