Over at Julian Cole’s ad pioneers blog, there is a comprehensive list of the top 100 Australian marketing blogs.  You will see that London Calling has snuck into the list at number 7!

The criteria for inclusion was the blog had to be written by an Australian (check) or by someone living in Australia.  Well done Julian on the list and to the other blogs on the list – why not take a look?

Top 100 Australian Marketing Pioneers BlogsPioneer RankingGoogle Page RankTech Authority ScoreTech Reactions 10Alexa Rating ScoreTotal
1Bannerblog (Digital Advertising)8666935
2Servant of Chaos(Social Media)9566733
3Young PR(PR)8665833
4Laurel Papworth(Social Media )8565731
5Get Shouty (Digital Advertising)8565529
6Copywrite(Copywriting/Digital Marketing)7463828
7London Calling(Mobile Marketing)8463728
8Corporate Engagement(Social Media/Public Relations)7554627
9Better Communication Results(Communications)7365627
10Ettf(Advertising/Campaigns )6554727
11Online Marketing Banter (Digital Marketing)8443827
12Gold Coast Web Designers(Digital Marketing)6454827
13Brand DNA(Advertising/Campaigns )6565426
14Personalize Media (Social Media/Virtual Worlds )8553526
15Media Hunter(Media/Social Media)8464426
16The Marketer (Social Media)8464426
17Marketing Magazine(Marketing )8533726
18Adspace-Pioneers(Social Media )7353624
19Business of Marketing and Branding(Marketing Strategy)6464424
20Australian SEO blog(SEO)4464624
21Angus Whines(Advertising/Campaigns )7534423
22PR Disasters(PR)7543423
23Campaign Brief(Advertising/Campaigns )6433723
24Preneur Marketing(Entrepreneur/Marketing)7323722
26Word of Mouth Marketing for Small Business(WOM)5253722
27Marketing Easy (Digital Marketing)6442521
28Three Billion (Advertising/GEN Y)6442420
29In My Atomosphere(Advertising/Campaigns )6443320
30Amnesia Blog(Digital Advertising)6553120
31Publicis Digital (Digital Advertising)7413419
32Innovation Feeder(Digital Advertising)6532319
33Pigs Don’t Fly (Social Media)8431319
34EcioLab(Digital Marketing)7421418
35Mark Neely’s Blog (Marketing Strategy)7421418
36Sticky Ads(Advertising )6323418
37The Flasher (Communications)8421318
38The Digestif(Digital Marketing)7422318
39Tim Longhurst (Futurist Marketing/Social Media)7510417
40Creative Is Not A Department(Digital Marketing)8510317
41Peter Sheanan (Entrepreneur/Marketing)6421417
42FRANKthoughts (Communications)8410417
43Taming the beast(Digital Marketing)6422317
44Filtered Media (Digital Marketing)(Digital Marketing)4431416
45Josh Anstey (Digital Marketing)6421316
46Inspiration Room Daily(Advertising/Campaigns )7011716
47Publicity Queen(PR)8420216
48online marketing sydney(Digital Marketing)5420516
49Lexy Klain (PR)7320416
50Diffusion (Marketing Strategy/Branding)7421216
51Australian Small Business(Small Business/Entrepreneur/Marketing)6320516
52Uneven Distribution(Advertising )7410416
53Zakazukhazoo(Digital Marketing)8510216
54A perspective(Social Media/Digital Marketign)8310416
55A Blog about Digital Media (Marketing News)7221416
56Frontiering Talking(Social Media )8311316
57Hothouse (Digital Marketing)4421415
58Fresh Chat (PR/Digital PR)6331215
59Send Up a larger room(Advertising)7420215
60doingwords.com(Small Business/Entrepreneur/Marketing)7320315
61David Wesson Digital Entertainment (Social Media)8220315
62Ryan’s view (PR)6421215
63Free Beer(Marketing News)5321415
64Idea Garden(Marketing Strategy)8210415
65Pixel Paddock (Digital Marketing)7220314
66The Jason Recliner(Advertising)5421214
67The Wayfarer(Advertising)8320114
68Semfire Search Enging Marketing Blog(SEM/SEO)5311414
69Marketing Results (Digital Marketing)6410314
70Will Scully Power(Data Analytics, Marketing Research)7500214
71I hate ads (Marketing )7310213
72BMF Sticky(Advertising)6210413
73PR Warrior(PR)8011313
74Marketing is a dirty word(Digital Marketing)7400213
75Latin Ocean(Digital Marketing/Recruitment)5320212
76Mobilista (Mobile Marketing)5400312
78B&T(Advertising News)4421112
79The White Agency ffffff(Digital Advertising)6500112
80Dominique Hind Collective(Digital Marketing)8000412
81Arrow Internet SEO (SEO)5220211
82Slice Media(Data Analytics, Marketing Research)7100311
83Beyond Digital Media (Digital Marketing)7010311
84Ben Hamin(Social Media)8000311
85The Gloo (Digital Advertising)4400210
86Simons Says (Digital Marketing)7001210
87CIIMS(Marketing )8000210
88The Zeitgeists(Marketing Strategy)7000310
89To the WordUp(Marketing News)6000410
90Simon Reynolds(SEM/SEO)700029
91Via Media – The Way(Marketing News)720009
92Ponderings of The Orange Cow(Communications)430029
93Work.netx(Digital Advertising)500049
94Tick Yes(Digital Marketing)420028
95Write across media (Marketing News)600028
96Zebra Bites(Marketing Research)700018
97Quintessentially Digital (Digital Marketing)600028
98How good you want to be (Marketing News)700018
99The Odd one out(SEM/SEO)600028
100Tony from the Population(Social Media)800008
101Kate at Stickywood(Branded Entertainment)800008
102Death by Digital (Digital Marketing)600017
103Classy Marketing (Marketing Strategy)600017
104Influencing the Influencers(PR)700007
105Behind Digital PR(PR)700007
106Layman’s Term(Marketing Strategy)600006
107Gruen Transfer(Marketing News)600006
108RMD’s Marcom(Advertising)600006
109Chalkboard Websites(Communications)600006