Introducing a new section here – the end game.  Every week I find things that I’d like to share with London Calling readers – things that are too short for a full blog post, but too long for a tweet. Those of you who do blog will know that it takes a lot of spare time to properly prepare a good, readable post – and sometimes you just want to share things you pick up during the week.

So every Friday, workload and family permitting I’ll post some random gems picked up during the week – I hope you find then useful or amusing, depending on the subject.

To kick this week’s end game off:

Overheard at the MAMA conference in London:  Jonathan MacDonald on a panel talking about mobile advertising (which quickly became a lively debate between the futurists vs the realists) and how the realists keep talking about “buying eyeballs”.

Jonathan’s retort was priceless – “Eyeballs are something you buy from Latvian slave traders…..that was a joke”

The other piece of news that caught my eye this week was the post from Symbian Freak where they reported on the news that Nokia are planning to launch a gigantic app store (about time – their Download! effort is woeful).  I’m eyeing off the Nokia N97, due for release on the Vodafone network next month.  I’m in line for an upgrade, so might hold out for this new handset, and hopefully this will come with the new Ovi app store.

Until next week – that’s the end game.