I’m still trying to understand the source of these figures, but thought it worth a quick post as this simple rankings table turned up in my Twitter stream this morning via @dorando.

I’ve done a quick audit of these numbers using Wikipedia and they don’t exactly stack up but it is amazing to compare the populations of these huge countries with the membership of the leading social networking sites


World population rankings (population figures from Wikipedia)
1: China > population 1,339,360,000
2: India > population 1,187,340,000
3: Facebook > population 500,000,000
4: USA > population 310,192,000
5: MySpace > population ???
6: Indonesia > population 237,556,363
7: Brazil > population 193,477,000
8: Twitter > population 145,000,000
(actually Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria seem to be more populous than Twitter with 170M, 164M and 158M according to Wikipedia but I am sure twitter will hit 200M before the year is out so may as well leave them there).

The world is truly an interesting place now we are all connected!