NEW YORK— From a story about the best customer service you never knew was possible comes the best hardcover book you never knew was digital.

McGraw-Hill Professional’s most recent publication, “The Zappos Experience”, written by best-selling author Joseph Michelli, bridges the gap between the printed and digital world using QR codes embedded in over 15 individual chapters.

Link.Me is the start-up behind this unique publishing solution, bringing the print edition of the “The Zappos Experience” to life.  Scan a code with your smartphone and directly access supporting multimedia content such a Facebook page devoted entirely to “Delivering Happiness” or video clips sharing peek into the Zappos conference room and an epic Nerf battle at Zappos headquarters.

“This is one of the first times that a publisher is embedding QR Codes throughout a book, not just on the jacket,” says Antony McGregor Dey, CEO at Link.Me.

“This interactive experience really enhances the reader’s level of engagement and creates a modern twist on a favorite pastime.”

It’s modern twist with foresight into future trends as publishers are looking for new ways to adapt to a digital world. With publishing companies facing an uncertain frontier combating the threat of e-readers, tablets and new multimedia channels, Link.Me offers a creative and cost effective alternative for publishers print titles, while retaining the digital experience that readers are beginning to expect.

Unique user experience aside, the Link.Me platform is also giving McGraw-Hill new insights into readers habits. “Link.Me is all about connecting brands to their retail customers,” says McGregor Dey. “We use our mobile Tags coupled with compelling mobile content to encourage readers to register directly with the brand.

Using the Link.Me platform, McGraw-Hill has direct access to their readers for the first time, enabling a relationship built through interactive content.”

Link.Me’s expertise aligned seamlessly with McGraw Hill’s vision creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., is also known for The New York Times bestseller “The Starbucks Experience.” In “The Zappos Experience”, Michelli distils the five primary leadership principles and core values that enhance the customer experience, increase employee engagement, and drive innovation. The book is available at all national retailers October 2011.

Link.Me is a tech start-up with an extensive background in mobile and CRM that specializes in connecting publishers directly to their reading audience through cutting edge mobile technologies. The Link.Me platform not only delivers compelling content but also builds a long term relationship between brands and their retail customers. Link.Me is quickly building a new media and marketing channel for retail brands.

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