I was extremely honoured to be asked by the folks at Edelman to attend their Academic Summit at Stanford University on Thursday 21st June, 2012.

I was joined by Brian Solis, Jonny Bentwood and Michael Brito and we discussed “The New Influential: Tracking and Measuring Online Influence”.

The Summit convenes leaders from public relations, journalism, business and marketing in Palo Alto June 20-22 to learn from executives and thought leaders about topics related to the theme “When All Media Is Social: Navigating the Future of Communications.”

Participants will learn how to utilize social media to improve academics and foster innovation.

Kred is the only social media influence measure participating at the conference, so we are honoured to have the opportunity to demonstrate the power of influence measurement to leaders in academia.

If you would like to join in to learn about how social media will transform education, media and communications, follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #2012AcademicSummit.