Andrew is speaking at the 2012 Dialog Conference in Sweden at 12:30pm on Monday 27th August on:

Influence Marketing: “We all have Influence Somewhere: The next great Social Media transformation and what it means for brand marketers”

Influence measures based on social data are creating new opportunities to identify and activate influential people by their interests, passions and affiliations.  As the line between Friends and Trusted Strangers blurs, engaging with influential people provides avenues to spread messages, deepen customer relationships, and perform research in real time.

In this session, Kred CEO Andrew Grill will discuss the science and philosophy behind Influence, and why used properly it is an essential tool for building rich engagement and brand loyalty.

Topics covered will include

  • Influence: what is it and how can we measure it?
  • Does everyone have influence? (discussion of community definition, ‘local rock stars’)
  • The thinning line between Friend and ‘Trusted Stranger’ – shrinking Degrees of Separation and what it means for brands
  • Best Practices in Influence Marketing
  • Identification of Key People
He will also be showcasing the latest Kred release: Kred Story.

Kred is the only influence platform speaking at the conference, and Andrew was a speaker at the 2009 conference on mobile marketing.