Forbes publishes an annual roundup of the world’s billionaires, a group that clearly carries a lot of influence from their wallets and important positions at large corporations. But what about their social media influence? Do they inspire action on social networks? To find out, we created our own list of the world’s billionaires sorted by Kred score.

Microsoft Co-Founder and Chairman Bill Gates leads all billionaires in social media influence with Kred of 990/4. He is joined by Eike Batista (981/7), the chairman of Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group, who is also the top billionaire outreacher. Other leaders include News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch (963/3) and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (896/1).

We’ve also given the members of this elite group Kred Moments (offline Kred) for their prestigious real-life achievements. Visit Kred’s World’s Billionaires leaderboard to view the full list, which updates in real time.