Social Media week in London was another busy week, and I was fortunate to be invited to speak at 4 key events, and was interviewed on another couple of podcasts.

A summary of each below including links to the audio/video from each event.

Monday 24th September 2012, London Dell B2B Huddle as part of Social Media Week – Keynote speaker

I gave a keynote titled “From “Likes” to Social Influence: How To Drive Action” and spoke for about 40 minutes on the theory behind influence, the platforms used for scoring and some case studies.

Thursday 27th September 2012, London SoLoMo – why are we waiting?

Key highlights – mobile advertisers are still trying to find the right formats.  I touched a nerve when I asked the audience “who has engaged with or clicked on a mobile ad recently?” and only 2 hands went up in an audience of 50.

Mobile ad executions such as those from Kiip are gaining traction because they don’t interrupt the experience. Instead, at the end of playing a game on your phone, when showing you how you scored, a relevant ad is pushed – smart. 

Minter Dialogue Radio Show interview

After the session, I was interviewed by Minter Dial for the  Minter Dialogue Radio Show number #35

Thursday 27th September 2012, London  Social media Week Fashion Day “Are You Being Served? Influence, Engagement & Customer Service”

Great panel with over 100+ in attendance at Engine.  The panel discussed how to find fashion influencers as well as the digital innovations happening in fashion.

The entire session was filmed and you can see a video replay below.

Thursday 27th September 2012, London Forget likes be liked do you influence? Are you influenced? Panel Session

Another great panel, with a key takeaway that it is where you have influence not just the score was reinforced.

Read my article on influence score myopia to see why this was a hot topic.  


Friday 28th September 2012, I appeared on the Engaging Brands podcast talking about How to Use Social Influence Monitoring.
Another great social media week and I look forward to the next one.

You can see where I will be speaking next on my speaking page.