On Friday December 7th, I was involved in a great online discussion with Mark Schaefer, Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions as part of the regular live Friday Hangout sessions.

We spoke about measuring and growing your influence online and items covered in his best selling book, Return On Influence.

In this 45 minute video, you can see Mark, Janet Fouts and I discuss how influencer marketing has evolved during 2012. and what we might see in 2013.

[vimeo 55127191 w=560&h=315]

Also on the panel with me was Janet Fouts who runs the #FridayHangouts on a weekly basis.

One of the questions I asked Mark was how influence marketing had changed in the 10 months since the book came out.

We also spoke about how agencies and brands should be using influence scores and programs.

Mark and I also discussed some work we have done together with internal influence.

If you want to hear some really intelligent views on influence, then this video is for you.

You can see past Friday Hangouts at  thefridayhangout.com