A number of people woke to the news this morning that they were in the top 1% of Kred influencers either globally or in a particular community.

I know this because I was responsible for an email telling them so, as the CEO of Kred.

To calculate who is a top influencers, we went through our Kred database of registered users and looked at the distribution of scores to come up with those in the top 10%, 5% and 1% of Kred users.  We have also looked at those in the top percentiles in particular communities.

You can read more about Kred on our Kred Rules page where you will find a distribution curve, and also a distribution of scores. Click on the charts for a better view.

Kred works on a double logarithmic scale, so to be in the top 1% of users is a great achievement.

To be in the top 0.1% of users (scores generally > 800) then this is remarkable and these people truly have online influence.

So what can you do with this new found fame as a top Kred influencer?

As far as how your top influencer score can be translated from the gold badge and used in the real world, Sally Falkow @sallyfalkow, the CEO of Meritus Media explains:

Having a good influence score makes it easier for Falkow and her team to interact with other influencers as bloggers respond to someone who they can see has a digital presence and has been active on social networks for some time.  “We’re delighted with this recognition from Kred and we will display the Top 1% Influencer badge on our website, our blog and our Twitter feed,” says Falkow.

Top influencers can claim Kred Rewards

As a top Kred Influencer you are likely to be eligible for various Kred Rewards. Everything from free Pantene products to invites to our exclusive VIP New York Influencers Summit. At the NY Summit next Wednesday February 6,  two Kred Stars will also be awarded a free trip to our London Summit on March 27, 2013.

Shortly we will be releasing code for a widget to have the badge appear on your website, and some Kred Stars such as @zacharyjeasns have already changed their Twitter avatar to show off their new status.

What was really interesting was the reaction to the email we sent.

I have had literally hundreds of replies to my email, with pretty much everyone saying thank you.

As a courtesy I have also personally replied to a good number of them.

What this shows me is that a little bit of recognition goes a long way on social.

Our email awarding people something as simple as a badge showing their ranking group on Kred has generated an amazing response – people want to feel appreciated.

Thanks for all the messages – I personally appreciate every one of them as does the team at Kred.

Update: I received a lovely email from Hollis Thomases this evening, as a result of the elite Kred influencer email – quoted with her permission below:

Hi Andrew,

Ironically, I read your LinkedIn article about “Humans still crave recognition” before even receiving this email from you. So now what to do? I feel like my response will be tainted either way I react! 😉

hollisThat said, if I’m being honest with myself, I probably would not be emailing you this thank you had I not read your article, but I would likely click-thru, view my score and share it…so I guess I help make your case! (I do think it’s pretty cool that I have this influence because I’ve never bought, gamed or done anything but be authentic to earn it. I also feel way better about my Kred score than my Klout score, the latter of which I could give a darn-toot about.)

I was really touched by Hollis’ note, and I wrote back to tell her so. It makes the time I spend blogging in the wee-small hours and on the weekend worth it, to know that people are reading my blog and and making decisions about my brand (both Kred brand, and my personal brand), and taking action.

How are you going to share your new found Kred fame? Leave me a comment below or reply to the email I sent – I’d love to hear from you.