As many readers know, I travel internationally a LOT for business as I speak internationally.

As I live in West London, my nearest airport is Heathrow so I am there on a regular basis.

I have been a frequent visitor since 2005, and have maintained a love-hate relationship with this place.

Sometimes though something catches my eye and I think to myself how clever the folks at Heathrow are.

On my most recent trip to Geneva, I noticed one of these survey points both just past security (airside) at Terminal 1, and the same past immigration in the arrivals hall.

I think these may have originally had a paper form attached (note the pen and the slot to post responses), but this has been replaced by 4 buttons with different shades of happy/sad faces.  

The devices are provided by Happy-or-Not.

What a completely amazingly simple idea! If they are smart they would also time-stamp the responses so they would know if people were reacting to some sort of holdup at security or immigration.

Sometimes the simplest ideas make the most sense, and this actually encouraged me to hit the happy button on the way out and the way back in.

There is NO way I would have stood there and filled in a form.  The buttons are so simple you can literally tap them as you keep walking.