While preparing for a talk to the London Business School Marketing Club about digital marketing, and also how to market yourself online, I went searching for my first ever blog post.

I did this mainly to poke fun at myself, but also to encourage the students in the session to start blogging.

Of course it is no longer online, but thanks to the wayback machine from archive.org, my first “weblog” sprang back into life – see a screenshot below (click to enlarge) or see it in full 2004 glory via the wayback machine.


I had a good chuckle at the one and only comment from “anonymous”  on the post saying

“I think Linkedin is far superior to Friendster and that annoying Plaxo service.

Will be interesting to see if Google’s Orkut takes off in the same way.”

When did you start blogging and can you find your first post via the wayback machine?