IBM’s new TV commercials made with IBMers – published 2014

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Following on from my previous post about the new “Made with IBM” TV spots shown during the US Masters, you can (update 2018: no longer) view all of the spots on YouTube.

A number of publications have profiled the new spots such as the New York Times, Forbes, and AdAge.

The 1:19 spot below sets up the series well.

What is truly interesting about the 60 or so TV spots generated, is the use of IBM’s own employees for many of the commercials.

As Cheryl and Mark Burgess pointed out in their book “The Social Employee”, IBM absolutely lives its brand through its people, affectionately called “IBMers”.

At a keynote speech IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty delivered at the Council on Foreign Relations in March 2013, Host Jim Owens asked Ginni “Does IBM, do you believe have a culture that truly differentiates itself from other companies either in a technology space of more broadly?”

The question and Ginni’s answer can be seen at the 47:24 mark on the video below, which talks about how IBMers are different and how IBMers aspire to live the IBM values.

As a celebration of the 17 IBMers that appeared in TV spots during the new “Made with IBM” campaign, listed below are their spots, along with the names of the IBMers featured. If I have missed any off, I was going from the playlist of TV spots on YouTube and will add to the list as I find more. [UPDATE 2018: These videos have all been removed from YouTube.]

No. 2 Recipes made with IBM Watson featuring IBMer Mahmoud Naghshineh

No. 8 Collaboration made with social featuring IBMer Andrew Grill

No. 10 Presence made with mobile featuring IBMer Mylissa Tsai

No. 11 New markets made with cloud featuring IBMer Cleveland Bonner

No. 12 Delivery made with cloud featuring IBMer Tom Ward

No. 15 Apps made with data featuring IBMer Chris Galante

No. 19 Electronic Medical Records in the Cloud featuring IBMer Adam Kocoloski

No. 22 Reach made with mobile featuring IBMer Chris Galante

No. 23 Green eMotion: Road trips made with cloud featuring IBMer Gerhard Baum

No. 26 Innovation made with cloud featuring IBMer Jason McGee

No. 28 Influence made with social featuring IBMer Renee Ducre

I’ve met Renee on a number of occasions and it is great that she has voiced this particular TV spot as she is passionate about social business.

No. 30 Security made with data featuring IBMer Caleb Barlow

No. 31 A world made with data featuring IBMer Megan Daniels

No. 38 Engagement made with mobile featuring IBMer Hayley Caslin

No. 40 Advantage made with data featuring IBMer John Cohn

No. 51 Gamers made with Cloud featuring IBMer Lance Crosby

No. 62 Disruptive innovation made with IBM Watson featuring IBMer Mike Barborak

No. 65 Influence made with social featuring IBMer Katie Keating

Katie is another IBMer passionate about social business.


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