I was delighted to be asked to present a Webinar by Marcus Stoll at NewsCred this week, on a subject close to my heart, Brand Advocates.

The main themes of the webinar, and presentation were:

  • Everyone in your organisation can be a brand advocate
  • Why pay advocates to promote your brand when you already have 100’s and 1000’s of advocates on staff?
  • You need easy to understand social media guidelines (like those at IBM) to help guide your staff
  • You need to measure the effect of your brand advocates
  • You need to give them the tools and the freedom to create and share their own content
  • Even those who are not active on social can provide great content to share
  • Not everyone will want to be a brand advocate
  • To scale a Brand Advocate program you need a platform to surface content and track engagement

There were some great questions at the end of the webinar, and a great deal of engagement on Twitter afterwards.

What are you doing with your trusted Brand Advocates at the moment?