Lately, there has been a lot of discussion around Employee Advocacy and “brand advocates” – much of it led by myself!

Not only have I been blogging on this topic for years now, I delivered a keynote on this topic in London on October 2015 and I have been asked to speak on the topic at other events, to key clients and extensively internally at IBM, and I am currently writing a book titled “Eminence in the age of digital”. There is no doubt that as marketers compete for attention using traditional and social channels, it has become a hot topic.

I do fear however that it will reach saturation point when Marketers, fatigued by all the channels they have to keep up with and supply content for will just revert to goading employees to become an extension of the marketing department, without any thought for the longer-term consequences.

What is Eminence?

What is Employee Advocacy?

Which one is right for which situation?

Protecting your personal brand

Becoming Eminent

Measuring Eminence

The ROI on Eminence

Brand Advocacy overload

The long tale of Brand Advocacy