It wasn’t long ago when almost everyone wanted to “be the next Uber”.

A few months on, with their latest boardroom dramas and wave after wave of bad press (which has actually been around for a couple of years now), which company would want to emulate this?

While Uber and others have shown how to literally disrupt an industry, with that comes bending and breaking some rules along the way.

As a company, you need to innovate, but not make your place of work unbearable. I hope “the next Uber” is a company that can run fast but at the same time stay true to beliefs that we all hold when we go to work.

While many (including myself) may talk about how companies can leverage their brand ambassadors (employees), in the age of the Gig economy, employers are merely renting our brands for a period of time, then we ask for them back when we leave.

It is up to us to decide if the company we are working for is true to our own beliefs, and in turn, improves our own brand over time.