Are some of your employees already behaving like robots in the repetitive tasks they are performing?

A few weeks ago John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank called out his bank and the rest of the industry saying that yes many of his staff were acting like robots and therefore they were at risk of being replaced by robots.

It was quite a provocative statement that few business leaders can ignore. I dug deeper and found the CNBC interview conducted in Singapore where he outlines the reasons why this will happen, and what he is doing to develop the skills in the bank. You can watch the interview below.

Through some swift editing (a vital skill to master if you are a keynote presenter), I have provided the interview below in a snackable 60-second grab.

I will be playing this clip tomorrow in London at the Dive In Festival where I am speaking about the skills needed for the insurance industry over the next 20 years.

See more on the event here.

I am very grateful to Stewart Taylor for recommending me and to Theresa Farrenson for inviting me to speak at the event – the power of networking in action!