This morning I delivered the opening keynote at the Professional Marketer’s Forum in London on the future of all things digital – you can watch a full replay above.

One thing I spoke about was an experiment I have been running for the last 4 weeks here on LinkedIn, trying to see if I could develop a daily status update – not scheduled, developed at 9:15 am every morning in reaction to the news, or what was on my mind.

I’ve been sharing different types of content to see what actually resonates with my community here. I’ve also been able to get into a rhythm to post each and every morning.

I think it is working.

LinkedIn analytics show that more and more people are reading and engaging with my content, and I’ve seen an increase in visits to my website, and my requests to speak at events have skyrocketed.

This is a simple content strategy – great content that is timely and resonates with my audience.

Can you set yourself the same challenge?