I attended a great roundtable hosted by The Drum‘s Gordon Young alongside Jerry DaykinNat GrossMarc CurtisNicole Yershon and Rafe Blandford.

The roundtable was sponsored by Akamai (who I learned are now leaders in security – I used them all those years ago in Australia when I ran PropertyLook.)

I look forward to seeing the output of this very lively discussion, ably captured by Ayesha Salim in an upcoming edition of The Drum magazine.

UPDATE: You can view and download the whitepaper below.


The discussion was about Digital Disruption and what it means to marketers, and one of the topics concerned security and the increased rate of companies such as Equifax and even the SEC in the US being hacked.

One point I raised was that information security needs to be tacked at the employe level also – being the weakest link. I covered this in one of my recent Drum columns – you can read it in full here.

The post puts forward the view that you need to assume you’re going to get hacked, and work back from there, looking at all of your defences, starting with things such as 2-factor authentication for employees on both their corporate and personal accounts. In 2017, it is not a question of if you will be hacked, but when.