I am sure many of you have had this slide or a variant of the one originally authored by Tom Goodwin presented to you at a conference on #Disruption. I’m calling time on this slide – we need new disruptor examples.

Now I am not for a minute criticising Tom’s work – in fact I too was using a variant of this slide in my own presentations (without attribution as I only recently learned the original was created by Tom).

It was some constructive feedback received following a recent presentation that has made me call for the end to the use of the “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles …” slide.

Someone rightly called me out on still using these same examples. They are now dated, and Uber is not the best example of a disruptor for a whole host of reasons.

We need new examples. How about those innovative Disruptors from #FinTech #InsureTech #PropTech and #AdTech? Please step forward and be recognised.

I would welcome some suggestions in the comments below and I am happy to feature them prominently in my next keynote on disruption. So will those of you presenting on disruption follow my lead and ditch the “Uber is…” slide from your deck?  

This post originally appeared on my LinkedIn page.