On Tuesday 18th October 2017 in London I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote at the opening of the International Cooperative & Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) Biennial Conference where I spoke about disruption. You can watch a full replay above.

As foreshadowed in a post here previously, I decided to ditch the “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles …” slide from my presentation – you can read this post on LinkedIn here.

That post generated some great new disruptor examples including Lemonade, the new app-based insurer.

I also profiled Trov and Atom Bank during my talk. The feedback after my talk showed that the ideas I proposed had landed on the approximately 400 people in the room, from mutual & cooperative insurers around the world.

I also knew I had disrupted their thinking when in the session immediately after mine, one of the panellists suggested that Lemonade and Trov were not disruptors, merely clever apps.

This clearly had got the room thinking. What they did acknowledge though is that data ownership will be more of a disruptor to the insurance industry – something I covered in a section on GDPR.

So are Lemonade and Trov etc just shiny apps, or real disruptors? Thanks to Ben Telfer and Speaking Office for the opportunity to present this amazing group of business leaders.