Forget Robots taking your job, in some industries such as recruitment they don’t exist anymore – now replaced by recruitment platforms.

I was chatting to a small business owner at my Church on the weekend and he told me about his search for a new receptionist at his firm.

He explained that instead of engaging a recruitment consultant, he used a recruitment platform to upload a job and then receive candidates and review them all on his phone. Much like a dating site, he could “swipe right” to agree that he would like to shortlist a candidate, or swipe left to reject a candidate.

My friend I am sure was relying only on what he was reading about each candidate from the information displayed on their page.

He also remarked that the candidates he was communicating with don’t have a laptop (and hence a digital version of their CV handy) so he and they relied on all information being available on this job site.

What this says is that for entry-level recruitment, the role off the recruiter is pretty much non-existent.

For those of us looking for more senior roles, you need to be aware of what your Digital first impression says about you.  Read more on my concept of a “Digital First Impression” here.