The more I speak from the stage about disruption, the more I realise companies are challenged about exactly where to start.

Last week was a busy week for me.

I presented to several hundred people over a 3 day period – a group of insurers, wondering what digital skills will be needed for the future, a group of small businesses grappling with the challenges brought about by disruption, and finally a group of professional marketers eager to get ahead of the curve in digital.

What struck me after I came off stage and mingled with the delegates was that yes, they agreed it was happening, but were confused as to where they should start.

I believe disruption happens because three forces collide:

  • High profits are there to be made (insurance and taxis fit here)
  • The technology is now available
  • Consumers demand better ways of getting things done

The admission that disruption needs to be tackled at the top is sometimes hard to arrive at.

It can’t be left to the IT team just because it contains a “digital” component.

Culture change is key for transformation as well. I think it needs a separate team, able to operate at all levels of the company to Detect, Decode and Defend the disruption head on.

Who’s looking at things through a digital lens in your firm?

Watch a 2-minute summary of my talk at Aviva to a group of insurance companies below.