Are you holding effective meetings?

Would they go faster if you removed all the chairs?

Recently I was presenting to a global iconic brand at the offices of an up-and-coming startup. In the middle of my talk, I noticed the start-up team holding a scrum meeting. I stopped speaking and directed the eyes of my large corporate towards the scrum.

Queen Victoria famously held her household staff meetings standing up to ensure they would be more efficient.

At the recent ICMIF conference in London, I spoke about how agile methodology which is used for software development might become infused in other areas of your business such as meetings.

Why not try this next time. Instead of a long boring 60-minute meeting providing status updates or sales cadence, why not have a 15-minute stand-up meeting instead?

This will allow your team to use those 45 minutes to actually work on all those activities that you then need them to report on at the meeting. Watch my explanation of this in the video below and share it with your boss.