When we hear the “Gig Economy” mentioned, many of us think of companies like Deliveroo and Uber.

The future of work will involve “Gig” economy workers in much more profound ways.

In my presentations when I cover topics such as the workplace of the future, I always include a section on Gig workers. You can watch a 60-second vignette below recorded in October at the ICMIF conference in London.

Professional services such as technology consultants are already embracing this dynamic way of working. Companies such as Blue Matter through to international Executive Search company Odgers Berndtson are offering a marketplace to find and match consultants to short-term projects.

A Gig worker lifestyle means not being tied to one client or industry sector for a whole career cycle. It also means that experienced talent can choose to work on a schedule that suits them, perhaps choosing a portfolio career that may include writing books, non-exec board seats and public speaking.

One thing is certain, the future and places of work are already being disrupted, and firms that want to attract and retain the best talent need to be able to adapt to this way of working.

Is your organisation ready to embrace the Gig economy?