Delivery services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat seem to be on an ever-increasing growth trajectory, at least here in London.

The picture below was taken on a weekday evening outside my local Nandos (Chicken) shop. The delivery drivers waiting to collect orders seemed to outnumber the diners.

At the local cafe I frequent on Saturday mornings to catch up on the news (on my iPad), I counted nearly 30 different riders arriving over a 3 hour period to pick up orders.

Even though I speak and write about these companies as examples of disruption, had I not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it.

It’s no surprise that Just Eat is about to join the prestigious FTSE 100 index with a stock market value greater than established grocer Sainsbury’s.

From where I sit in London, the rise of home delivery (even from Amazon with their “in-home delivery” via Amazon Key) is on the rise and is providing more jobs for “Gig workers” who zoom around the streets on mopeds and cycles.

In London and Australia Deliveroo has launched their “Editions” local kitchens, bringing established restaurants within a bike or scooter ride from your home.

Have we become lazier where we don’t want to cook at home or go out that we are relying on these food delivery services?

For readers outside London, what has been your experience and do you find these delivery services provide a valuable service?