What defines great B2B content?

I have been having this discussion with a number of people over the last few weeks and the answers have varied greatly.

Some people do this for a living such as Cameron Clarke from The Drum. Some people also suggested ways to game the LinkedIn algorithm, and many commented that LinkedIn is becoming a very unreliable place for great content as people try to out-anecdote or out double-space each other.

It’s looking very amateurish.

I think the answer is not that you have to game any algorithm from Google or LinkedIn, the answer is simply that great content resonates.

Many readers here would have noticed over the last 3 months I’ve been publishing an update every working day in the morning, London time.

My posts have varied in length, style, content, and I have tried using graphics, videos and all sorts of assets I have to hand.

I’ve also experimented with my own content – editing down my 30-60 minute keynotes into bite-sized 2-minute vignettes.

What has been my observation?

Great content resonates.

As a result of my 3-month experiment I’ve had 5 paid speaking gigs booked and two job offers as a result. I’d say that my content is finding the right audience.

Write well for your audience, not for the algorithm and the right people will see it.

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