I’ve been saying for a while that we’re not that far away from having our own AI powered Digital Agent to perform all the tasks we don’t want to do in our daily lives.

If you think about it, your smartphone knows everything about you – when your next meeting is, your next flight, your bank balance and were you are right now.

Imagine a world where a digital assistant could run your life for you just like a human executive assistant could.

As I explain I the short video below filmed at the recent Mercer UK DB Roadshow in London, when I was an Executive at IBM I was fortunate to have Karen to help me with expenses and travel etc. She knew everything about me and my preferences.

In the video, I also show how the Google Duplex virtual assistant can call a restaurant on your behalf to make a dinner booking.

Given all the pieces are in place, expect to see this hit mainstream in the next 5 years.

Our Digital Agent won’t just make restaurant bookings though, I see it also going off and doing “digital deals” with my suppliers, always negotiating the best prices, without me having to visit a price comparison website ever again.

For some, this will be a welcome addition to their digital life.

Would you utilise a Digital Agent?