I believe that in every organisation there are actually two “tribes” at work – those “Going-Digital” and those “Born-Digital”. As I outline in the 60 second clip below, the 2 tribes need each other.

The characteristics of each tribe are easy to spot.

The Going-Digital are experienced middle to senior managers. They know how to influence at the highest levels, get a board paper approved and how to navigate the politics of an organisation, however their digital skills are still developing.

In contrast, the Born-Digital had an iPhone as their first toy. They live and breathe digital but their organisational experience and ability to influence is limited.

The two tribes need each other.

The video presented below was recorded at a recent Executive Management meeting for DHL Global Forwarding and as a bonus I challenged the assembled audience of DHL’s most senior managers that perhaps they needed both tribes represented at these meetings to drive digital diversity. Watch the video to find out more.

Which one are you, and do you encourage these 2 tribes to work together to effect real transformation and protect you from digital disruption?