On a recent call with a client from a global law firm, they remarked that they wish they had my The Actionable Futurist® title. Over the years, many people have asked me what is the difference between a Futurist and The Actionable Futurist®. The short answer is in the title. I leave my clients and audiences with actionable, and practical tips and tricks they can put into place that day.

Below you will find my latest latest keynote showreel.

Another question I get asked regularly is how did you arrive at being The Actionable Futurist®? I studied as an Engineer many years ago, then worked for large technology companies such as IBM, Telstra and Optus as well as ran 6 high-tech startups over a 12-year period. That means that rather than just writing about the future, I’ve been hands-on in experiencing new technologies in a commercial environment.

Even throughout the pandemic, I’ve been in heavy demand to help navigate the near-term future. As I found before the pandemic, large corporates need to know how to close the quarter, not necessarily see what life will be like in 20 years. As The Actionable Futurist®, I help paint a picture that can be immediately understood.

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