Today’s guest is the founding member and drummer from 1980s pop sensation Scritti Politti – Tom Morley.

We had a fascinating discussion about how Tom moved from being a bonafide rockstar to become a “Rockstar Activator”, motivating audiences and driving teamwork at events around the world through the use of music, instruments and a healthy dose of fun.

Tom’s journey to becoming a corporate speaker is a great story in itself and helps set the scene for the 43-minute episode.

For the last 20 years, Tom has been using his unique blend of storytelling and percussion to get teams focused and motivated and break down silos.

Fast forward to 2020 and like most people, his business was massively disrupted.

All of his USPs were gone overnight- rhythm, harmony, the safety of performing behind closed doors.

Instead of “going off and writing a book for 12 months”, Tom looked at the objectives behind his events: energise, connect, get outside your comfort zone, and do something unusual

Tom explains why his events work – he brings out the “wild twin” inside all of us.

We also discussed how Tom moved his business online, and how the first event we worked together on – The Podcast Festival on May 28th 2020 was a catalyst to shift gears in his online performance.

There are also a number of gems in this episode and only a real rockstar could name drop David Bowie!

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