Interesting piece in the WSJ about how Delta is now limiting the amount of time you can spend in their airport lounges before your flight to exactly 3 hours. “We’re not a WeWork,” says Claude Roussel, managing director of Delta Sky Club.

Many that have travelled with me know about my “3-hour rule” where no matter in the world I am, I always leave for the airport 3 hours before wheels up to ensure I never miss a flight and also have time in the lounge.

The “We’re not a WeWork,” quote is telling, as people are now hunting out their “3rd place” – where the best work gets done.

I’ve been guilty of spending more than 3 hours in an airport lounge – with the lure of free wifi, coffee, food and sometimes even wine.

Now we’re moving to a distributed/hybrid/remote workforce, expect to see more and more people look for a place to get their best work done in between the office and home.

What do you think of the Delta rule – firm or fair?

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