I’m a huge believer in serendipity. The fact I am sitting here in London typing this is all linked back to serendipity. Last night was another one of those moments when I ran into Leica Ison, who I worked with at Telstra in Sydney back in 1999. We were both at an Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce event at Australia House to discuss #fintech innovation with Jai Baker from Link Group Group, Anthony Drury from Zip Co, Steve Hadaway from Encompass Corporation and Anastasia Nishnianidze from Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

The event was hosted by Joanne Holland from the Chamber.

Back to Telstra in 1999, Leica and I were part of an innovative group set up by Libby Christie called eWorks, part of Ted Pretty’s Telstra.com organisation and very definitely at the pointy end of new and exciting innovations at Telstra. I remember fondly many of the team including Rohan MacMahon, Rocky Scopelliti and Monica Sanki.

I was excited to hear about Leica’s new venture – Skyjed. She’s already gained traction from her solution here in London around product governance as many industries are now being regulated to formalise their product lifecycles. Having been a product developer back at Optus in Australia, I know how important this is.

Leica is off to Money 2020 next week in Amsterdam – so be sure to visit the #Australia stand and she’ll also be back for London Tech Week with events at Australia House.

While catching up, I also convinced her to come on my Podcast to talk about her fascinating career and what she’s developing at Skyjed. 

Enjoy some photos from the event below.