Generative Artificial Intelligence or Generative AI – is a relatively new term that is being mentioned a lot when it comes to AI chat engines such as ChatGPT and AI-generated art from platforms such as Midjourney.

One of the industries that is most intrigued by this technology is the education sector.

Plagiarism has been a problem for years, but now a tool like ChatGPT can write a whole assignment in seconds, what does this mean for the sector?

To find out more, I invited back Dr Lynn Gribble, Associate Professor at University of New South Wales in Sydney, who has appeared on the podcast twice before – back in Season 1 to talk about the Future of People Management and in Season 2, spoke about Thriving in Uncertainty during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She’s back for Season 5 to talk about the impact of Generative AI tools such as AI on education – something I know Lynn and her peers have been debating since the ChatGPT was launched late in 2022.

Lynn joined UNSW after a long corporate career in Learning and Development as well as Human Resources.

Holding Masters qualifications in both Education with a focus on aligning personal and organisational values and Labour Law and Relations, Lynn’s PhD looked at the effects of retrenchment on humans.

We spoke about a number of issues related to Generative AI and education:

  • The issues around plagiarism, ethics and integrity when it comes to using Generative AI in an education setting
  • How industries outside of education might use this new AI technology
  • How are universities coping with the introduction of these tools into the mix
  • How Generative AI has the opportunity to provide equality for those that struggle with literacy
  • Lynn’s 3 actionable tips for better understanding the power of Generative AI

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