The topics of Extended Reality (XR) and The Metaverse are becoming more and more popular. Once the sole domain of gamers, we are now seeing a range of corporate examples for XR, which are building interest in what’s next for the space.

To find out more, and understand what types of scenarios are right for these new platforms, I spoke with Thomas Bedenk from Endava.

Thomas has over 25 years of experience in digital productions, focusing on Strategy, XR, and UX to support digital transformation across various industries. 

Past XR projects he led span from product design and training to marketing applications for internationally known brands. 

Thomas is a frequent speaker at international conferences, an advisor for start-ups, and a fixture at industry associations and events. 

His love for digital creation started when he was playing Pac-Man against his twin brother on the Atari 800XL, leading Thomas to develop his first own video game in 1996.

We covered a number of topics including:

  • The biggest challenge or opportunity in the XR space and what should businesses be doing to prepare for this?
  • How the Metaverse has evolved
  • How XR could be used for hybrid working
  • The foundation of successful VR: Presence :  Agency :  Social
  • When VR is suitable – when something is Dangerous, Impossible, Counter-intuitive, or Expensive
  • The Importance of experimentation in XR
  • The IP issues around The Metaverse
  • 3 things brands should be doing to prepare for XR

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Resources Mentioned
“The Metaverse” By Matthew Ball