With all the buzz about AI art generators, will we see this new style used in corporate reports? The future is here already if you’re Accenture as they have used this in their latest Life Trends Report.

I spoke with Katie Burke from Accenture Song about it on the latest episode of the Actionable Futurist Podcast.

What struck me about their use of Midjourney was they highlighted the text from the report that was used in the AI prompt, and then showed the extra prompts used. You can see an example below from the report.

Quoting Katie from the podcast …

“one of the trends that we will go through is one that we call OK, creativity. It’s all about the emergence of generative AI applications, and the pivotal point is, is that this is now accessible to the entire population.

AI tools are now a part of our creative process to create, and if we didn’t try and do that ourselves, then we weren’t actually living the trend.

These trends, and the actual report itself is a case study for us on on the power of what this type of creative asset can do.

What it’s done is it’s actually brought words and images closer together, and to us, that’s we’re watching that as a bit of a behaviour shift of consumption.

So when you see words, which we’ve always read in reports, but when you see images that kind of reflect the word’s intention, it’s changing behaviour, even just in the way we consume information right now.“

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Will you try out an AI art generator this week?