Back in 2018, I did a podcast with Richard Rodger, CEO of Voxgig on how to be a professional public speaker.

Imagine my surprise then when I saw this in Richard’s latest newsletter.

In his own words

Actionable Futurist Andrew Grill was right.

We’ve republished his 2018 chat with us to prove it!

It can be risky to make proclamations about anything, and even riskier to stake your career on it – every day.

But that’s Andrew Grill’s way.

He and I sat down in 2018 for a wide ranging discussion. I purposely went through the archives looking for it this week for two reasons; it’s a great inspiration for DevRel professionals with tips on how to improve their public speaking skillset. And secondly, my conversation last week with John Lynch of Context Studio got me thinking. That episode was about the importance of designing your customer journey. So what happens if you stop doing that? Well complacency kicks in. And then irrelevance.

I remembered Andrew discussing this risk of disruption and replacement in our conversation. Blackberry and Nokia are always the classic examples, but Andrew fills it out with what he feels they COULD have done.

And another thing

Diversity on boards. Andrew doesn’t just spot trends ahead of everyone else, he gives us actions we can take to meet the demands of the future as it hurtles towards us. No more so than in this conversation, where he details how CEOs, chairs and boards can add valuable diversity to their organisations.

Listen to the episode again here