To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, I wanted to again pay tribute to the amazing women in my life that constantly challenge and inspire me.

I’ve gone back to the Podcast Archives from 2022 and 2023 to highlight guests from the show who have shared actionable and insightful advice that is immediately relevant for anyone across a wide range of subjects.

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S5 Episode 6: Katie Burke from Accenture on their Life Trends 2023 Report

S5 Episode 4: Andie Wood from Workiva on Sustainable Finance

S5 Episode 2: Dr Lynn Gribble on the opportunities for Generative AI in Education

S5 Episode 1: Sophia Matveeva CEO & founder of Tech For Non-Techies

S4 Episode 25: Cybersecurity expert Samantha Humphries from Exabeam

S4 Episode 24: International Human Rights Lawyer, Author and Speaker Susie Alegre on the Freedom to Think

S4 Episode 19: Karen Jacobsen – the GPS Girl on her serendipitous role as the Australian voice of Siri

S4 Episode 17: Christina Kosmowski from LogicMonitor on the future of customer success

S4 Episode 14: Heather Kernahan from Hotwire PR on the future of PR and communications

S4 Episode 13: Stephanie Buscemi from Confluent on the future of real-time data and marketing

S4 Episode 12: Charlotte Gregson from Malt on the role of expert freelance platforms

S4 Episode 5: Helena Nimmo from Endava on Digital Acceleration

If you’d like to suggest a guest for the podcast that I’ve missed, please get in touch via the contact page.

You can listen to each of the podcasts or subscribe to the whole show via your favourite app

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My IWD 2022 list of inspiring podcast guests can be found here.