We’ve heard of “full-stack Engineers”, but what is a Full Stack CMO? To find out I spoke with Maya Moufarek, CEO of strategic growth consultancy Marketing Cube for the latest Actionable Futurist Podcast.

Maya has over 15 years in the tech and direct-to-consumer industries with roles at Google, Amex, Cisco and LG and she is passionate about working with ambitious entrepreneurs and purpose-driven CEOs to deliver truly sustainable growth.

She says she is proud to be multicultural and multilingual, having had the pleasure of living and working in Moscow, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City, San Francisco and here in London.

We covered a lot of issues related to marketing in start-up companies, including:

  • What it means to be a “Full-stack CMO” 
  • Understanding the human psyche to be a good marketer
  • The secret to building sustainable & profitable growth plans
  • The one common mistake that start-up CEOs make
  • The specific characteristics of high-growth companies
  • Advice for early-stage start-ups

More about Maya

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