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5G networks are all about speed and capacity, so private 5G networks are just a closed version of the same – right? Think again. Private wireless networks are on the rise, and to find out more, I spoke with Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT, on the latest Actionable Futurist Podcast.

He is responsible for driving new digital experiences, offerings and technologies that create growth and transform people’s lives and companies and brings over 25 years of experience leading large services businesses with a focus on business transformation.

In this show, we looked at several issues, including:

• The difference between public and private 5G networks
• The strengths of WiFi vs Private 5G
• The opportunity for edge computing and 5G services
• How NTT drives innovation
• The power of a distributed workforce

5G private networks won’t replace WiFi but will deliver new services in locations and industries requiring increased security and control.

NTT surveyed 200 CIOs within the industrial manufacturing and automotive sectors, and they cited that the reason for deploying private 5G networks was not because of latency and speed but because of the inherent need for security and control.

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