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What traits does the leader of the future need to survive? To answer this question, I spoke to Hannah Greenwood, an international Leadership Speaker, Coach and Writer who works with individuals and global teams to facilitate creative enquiry and implement change.

She founded Cascãd over 19 years ago and specialises in developing the “Champion Mindset” – the alchemic combination of innovative thinking and positive energy.

Cascãd’s Champion Mindset has helped individuals and companies achieve extraordinary things by harnessing the potential of true change.

Hannah is an Associate at London Business School and was formerly Head of Counselling Courses at the Metanoia Training Institute for Psychotherapy and an Adjunct Professor at HULT International Business School teaching the MBA Leadership Module.

She combines her leadership, teaching and therapeutic expertise to enable individuals to engage with their passion and to achieve excellence in their chosen field.

We covered so many things related to the future of leadership, including:

• What is a champion mindset, and why do we need one?
• The difference between working one-on-one and working with a team.
• The issue of presenteeism
• Encouraging leaders to create teams that others want to join
• Creating modern leaders
• Transformational inner change

She also recommended an excellent book during the quickfire round, so you must listen to the end.

Resources mentioned in the show
Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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