I was fortunate to be invited to hear Unilever CEO Alan Jope speak at the Royal Society of Arts, interviewed by their CEO Andy Haldane in London.

Alan provided a very inspiring presentation on the topic of “Where next for Business?”

At a time of rapid economic, social and environmental transition, what is the role of business in helping to shape flourishing futures for people, place and planet?

In one of his final speeches as CEO of Unilever, Alan shared how his experiences have helped shape his views on how business will transform over the next decade.

At the end of the session, during Q&A, I asked Alan how Unilver was using AI to further its ESG agenda.

You can watch his inspired and thoughtful answer to my question in the clip above.

His use of ChatGPT to write a short speech to honour a former Unilever colleague while on the train to his funeral was quite unexpected.

You can watch the full session here.